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Working on carbon projects in the Amazon for more than a decade

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Elaboration of forest carbon projects for Tero Carbon and Verra certifications


Sampling of the target forest to quantify biomass and carbon stocks


Technical feasibility study of forest carbon projects

We are your best partner for REDD+ projects

We are pioneers (since 2009) in quali-quantitative studies of the Amazon region, focusing on forest carbon projects and sustainable development.

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Working with forest carbon projects for over a decade

Sampled locations

Measured plots

Confidence and Security

Throughout our history, we have developed specialized technical services that are auditable by the main certification bodies for forest carbon projects


The principle of Measurement, Reporting and Verification governs our products

Local Presence

We are located in the Amazon (Manaus) and we know the logistics of the region


We have experience working with carbon projects for over a decade

we are your best choice

Hdom is your best choice as a partner in forest carbon projects, either as a project developer or part of the technical team